Why Telehealth Is Important for Seniors and Older Patients

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines has experienced a growth in telehealth consultation services. The need for remote healthcare increased substantially and telehealth services became more important than ever, especially for Seniors and Older Patients.

Since then, about 70,000 virtual sessions have been recorded and provided to patients across the country.

These telehealth consulting services have successfully provided healthcare to people despite travel and movement restrictions. This makes it a viable option for the future of the healthcare system, especially in the Philippines.

The convenience of Telehealth consultations has proven to be beneficial for both healthcare institutions and patients. With clear communication between doctor and patient, telehealth services have helped lessen crowds in hospitals and clinics during the pandemic. It also saves the need for travel or long lines for a doctor’s appointment. Patients can set their own consultations among an array of qualified doctors at their mutually earliest convenience.

But many older patients still prefer in-person consultations. Mostly these are due to telehealth services being unfamiliar or inaccessible to older adults.

But there’s a huge benefit for aging adults once they are able to access these services.

As a start, it’s helpful to understand what telehealth is and how it works.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, at its core, is a range of healthcare services that can be accessed digitally.

It allows patients to receive healthcare remotely and often in a more convenient manner than traditional face-to-face consultations.

Quality telehealth service providers can give referrals, tests, prescription orders from exceptional doctors from adequate access points, including the comfort of your own home.

Also, medical records are stored digitally, making it easily accessible to doctors during consultations. The need for carrying around dozens of test results and prescriptions may well be a thing of the past when utilizing a telehealth service.

How a Telehealth Consultation works

Telehealth consultations use a secure platform to help you talk to your doctor. There are many options to choose from online chats, website inquiries, and the most common, video appointments where you can converse with your doctor without having to travel to their office.

While conversing with your doctor, you can bring up your concerns and get appropriate prescriptions or referrals right away. Your doctor may also set up lab tests that you’ll need to complete or arrange for a face-to-face should the diagnosis need it.

Most often, telehealth providers will need you to register on their platform to access their healthcare services. This only takes a moment and from there, you can start to book your appointments online and get the right treatment.

Benefits of Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consulting services allow patients to talk to a doctor and get a prescription within minutes. It helps them avoid long lines in healthcare facilities and get started on their treatments sooner rather than later.

Conveniently, medical history, lab tests, and other data is stored securely in a digital catalog for doctors to easily access and review. The burden of bringing the necessary documents for a doctor to see is lifted from the patient’s shoulders.

Telehealth consultation also reduces the strain for caregivers or caring family members of older patients. The stress of travel and waiting in long lines is significantly diminished. Following up with the doctor, likewise, becomes an easy task if done with a virtual consult.

There is also the convenience of cashless transactions during online consultations. Patients no longer need to go out and withdraw cash from their respective banks. Just as easily, patients can settle their accounts within the platform.

How Telehealth Service Is Important for Older Patients

Telehealth has enormous potential for older adults looking to maintain their health and independence.

It can be used to manage chronic conditions, mental health concerns, and follow-ups after surgery or other major operations, among others. With online consultations, older patients can get the care they need without having to expose themselves to viruses and diseases, much like what has been experienced during the pandemic.

Because of its accessibility, aging adults no longer need to delay their consultations until the most critical moment. Many older patients tend to put off seeking care for their medical concerns since it takes a while to book an appointment with their preferred doctors.

Telehealth allows patients to avoid all that. With easy access, telehealth can help older adults to keep up with regular appointments and book new ones should their conditions change. This significantly reduces emergency room visits and critical situations, which benefits everyone involved.

Some Barriers for Older Patients to Use Telehealth

There is a misconception that older adults are uninterested in telehealth. The issue could vary in a lot of ways, but mostly it boils down to information.

Some older patients struggle with using virtual technology but if clearly explained, can greatly benefit them in the long run. It’s important to be able to communicate the benefits of telehealth and with habitual practice to entice older adults to get comfortable with online consultations.

Rapport is definitely a concern when it comes to treating older patients. A good telehealth provider knows how to screen their doctors who know how to establish a relationship with their patients rather than hand out a prescription robotically.

Some concerns may also arise from age-related conditions such as declining sight, hearing, perception, touch, balance, and mobility. This requires deep understanding on the end of the telehealth provider. When choosing a telehealth service, it’s important to feel comfortable and safe. Good online health services should be able to adjust to the patient’s needs and condition while providing the utmost care.

An Available Telehealth Consulting Service

Telehealth in the Philippines is definitely on the rise and is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. But with new providers starting to come up, how do you choose which one to pick?

While telehealth is generally a good thing, it’s important to know which telehealth service can give you that quality care. Eva Teleconsult aims to do just that.

EVA is the only telehealth service in the Philippines that promises utmost attention and a dedicated 30-minute consult with a patient. Under its CARE standard, EVA provides premium-quality treatment from top Philippine doctors through online consultations.

You can feel safe with your medical records with their encrypted prime digital system that ensures your privacy in accordance with the country’s Data Privacy Law. This allows your doctor to access your medical history while protecting your information.

Combining this with a relationship-based and compassionate environment, EVA gives you expert-quality care that can be experienced in the Philippines. When you’re ready to try a telehealth consultation, EVA is here to accommodate you.

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