Why People Are Choosing Online Consultation and Counseling

Access to healthcare professionals has now become easier with online consultation and counseling. 

Online consultation, also known as teleconsultation, telemedicine, and online therapy, is the provision of healthcare services using online platforms that facilitates virtual communication. This entails consultations with physicians as well as online counseling and therapy with mental health professionals. 

Although seeking healthcare services online is not new, online consultations have become immensely popular in recent years in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which posed restrictions and difficulties in the conventional face-to-face visit to a clinic. 

In response, most healthcare providers these days have shifted the delivery of their service among their clientele through their virtual platforms. 

Why are many people now choosing online consultation in getting their healthcare services needs? Because of the convenience and comfort, it brings.

No long lines, no long waiting time

With online consultation, you can squeeze in talking to your physician and therapist wherever you are! Whether you’re at home, have free time during work, or even if you’re on vacation. You don’t need to exert the extra effort of getting dressed and going to a clinic or a hospital just to get checked. 

Online consultation takes out the burden and stress of queuing while waiting for your turn whenever you’re in a clinic and hospital.

Physicians and therapists in the online consultation setup will see you virtually on your selected date and time. You can even do some of your pending tasks and jobs while waiting for your turn. 

Transactions, such as payment, releasing of laboratory results, and issuance of prescriptions, in online consultations setup are also done online, making it easier and paperless. 

Always available, plenty of options

Unlike most clinics that are bound by their respective clinic hours when accepting clients and don’t always have your preferred physician or therapist, online consultations facilitate immediate and fast non-emergency healthcare service with a physician or therapist of your choosing. 

And since almost all healthcare providers nowadays have their own virtual platforms for online consultations, you have plenty of options on which service provider is best suited for your healthcare needs. 

You can also determine the healthcare providers that are covered by your health insurance, or compare and identify which healthcare providers have consultation fees that are within your financial capacity. 

Also with online consultations, your proximity to your preferred clinics and physicians or therapist is not a concern. 

No rush

Whenever you are at a hospital or a clinic for a check-up, do you ever feel that your consultation with your physician seems to happen fast? Leaving you with some questions and concerns unanswered? This is not an issue with online consultations and counseling. 

One of the benefits of online consultation and counseling is that there is no rush when talking to your doctor. This is because physicians and therapists in this setup are usually booked for a duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour just for you. 

This will ensure that all your health-related concerns are expressed and addressed by your doctor who will assess you thoroughly and give you precise medical advice.

Assured Confidentiality and Privacy

Seeking expert medical advice through online platforms is beneficial too among those who experience discomfort and anxiety when talking face-to-face with new and unfamiliar individuals, especially disclosing personal and health-related information and details. 

With online consultation and counseling, you can choose a location and setup that you are more comfortable with when you talk to your doctors about your medical concerns. This will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable space where you can freely divulge to your doctor some sensitive information that is relevant to your treatment and healing. 

Although it brings a lot of benefits, online consultation may not be the best for everyone or in every situation. Keep in mind that online consultation and counseling with physicians and therapists are best done for non-emergency situations and cases. Those situations requiring immediate medical attention will be best addressed by going to hospitals and clinics. 

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