What Are The Different Types Of Fever

Definitely, we all have experienced having fever at least once in our lives. We often experience it when we have some infection, may it be bacterial or viral, after immunization or other causes like adverse effects of some medication, autoimmune condition and a lot more. Fever per se is not an illness but a manifestation or a symptom that there is something wrong with your body.


Our body temperature differs a bit depending on the person’s activity, current health status and exposure conditions. Our temperature also tends to differ at different times of the day.  Usually, oral temperature 37.8 taken using a thermometer of 37.8 °C or higher is considered to be a fever.

Symptoms usually Accompanying Fever

Fever, aside from manifesting with higher than normal temperature, usually manifests with these symptoms. These include:

  •       Headache
  •       Body Aches
  •       Chills
  •       Flushed Face
  •       Sweating
  •       Decrease in appetite
  •       Nausea and Vomiting
  •       Dry Skin

Taking a Temperature

With the use of a thermometer, we will be able to document your temperature and tell if you do have fever or not. There are different types of thermometer which include oral, rectal, tympanic or ear or forehead thermometers.


For us to get the most accurate measurement of our core body temperature, it’s best to use an oral and rectal thermometer. But tympanic/ear or forehead thermometers offer the best convenience and provide less accurate measurement.

What To Do When You Have Fever

Drinking common over the counter medication like Paracetamol is usually one of the best measures to bring down your temperature. Just make sure that you are taking the right dosage as advised by your health care professional.

Tepid sponge baths may also help in lowering your body temperature. Make sure to make your environment cool and wear loose clothing as this can help in cooling your body as well.



  1. Intermittent Fever – A type of pattern wherein your body temperature is above normal for a couple of hours but goes down to normal levels. This is usually seen in fevers caused by focal bacterial infection like urinary tract infection or infections brought about by a foreign body or material.
  2. Remittent Fever – A type of pattern where your body temperature maintains to be above normal throughout the day and does not fall back to normal. This pattern tends to have a daily variation of more than 1°C in twenty four hours which makes it different from continuous fever. This pattern of fever is usually seen with some infections of the heart like infective endocarditis.
  3. Continuous Fever – A type of pattern similar to remittent fever. This is characterized by temperatures above normal but does not fluctuate more than 1°C during twenty four hours and does not return to normal. This pattern of fever is usually seen with bacterial meningitis or typhoid.
  4. Hectic Fever – Both remittent and intermittent fever may be called hectic if temperature fluctuates widely all throughout the day with a variance of at least 1.4 °C between the highest and lowest temperature. This type of pattern is usually seen with pyogenic infections like pyelonephritis and ascending cholangitis.
  5. Relapsing Fever – This is under the type of intermittent fever that goes up again after days or weeks of normal temperature. This is usually seen with animal bites like ticks or louse.

How Can Eva Teleconsult Help in the management of Fever

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