Tips On Mental Health 

Though people are still not comfortable and open enough when it comes to mental health. Thinking and talking about it does not only include the typical anxiety, depression or other psychiatric illnesses. This encompasses the totality which impacts our decision making, how we think and perceive things, how we handle and attack our stressors, maintain our relationship with others and how to be resilient. 

Taking care of oneself is a lifelong process and is not an easy thing to do. By following these simple tips from medical doctors, slowly but surely, it can help you bounce back up and feel a lot better. 

1. Rest Well

Getting enough sleep does not mean just getting at least six to eight hours of rest. We make sure that this six to eight hours are of quality sleep, that is, uninterrupted sleep in a cool and conducive place. Sleeping and waking up the same time every day, even on rest days can also help in the quality of sleep. Avoid using gadgets (cellphones, tablets and the like) at least a few hours before sleeping to minimize the stimulus on your brain and make your rest more relaxing. Meditating and listening to relaxing sound can also help in calming oneself 

2. Eat Healthy

Eat nutritious food and drink lots of fluid – water. By nutritious food, this means increase intake on fruits and vegetables and lessen on processed food, fast food and the like. Small frequent meals can also help. It is advisable to take at least two liters of water per day to maintain good hydration. Avoidance of high sugar and fat containing food can also help our body as these may be contributing factors for chronic diseases in the future.  

3. Engage in activities and interact with others

Doing things that you like will make you feel happy and productive. These may include some forms of exercise, going out and mingling with friends or even simple hobbies like writing or drawing. Doing these things does not only help our body physically, it can also relieve stress and release happy hormones. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment once you have finished an activity as you feel engaged on the things that you are fond of doing. 

4. Know yourself

Each and every one is unique. As what they say, no two human beings are alike even with twins. Get to learn the whereabouts of oneself. Know your limits. Discover the things you like and things that make you happy.  

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself and seek professional help

We all feel tired or down sometimes as life is never perfect. Feeling down is okay. Do not be shy in asking for help. Acknowledging ones feeling or weakness is a good start and of course, a sign of strength. Helping oneself starts with acknowledging the problem. This will never be easy, but taking it slow is a good start. Learn from the mistakes we made and help these experiences be a source of strength.    

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