Things you need to know about Ear Pain

What is Ear Pain?

At some point on our lives, we have experienced the symptom of what we call ear pain or what is medically termed as “otalgia”. This is usually a common complaint found in children, but adults can have them too.


One or both ears may be affected and the usual culprit for ear pain is an infection, but other causes may present with it. Treatment will always depend on the causative agent or factor.

What are the causes of ear pain?

There are many factors that may cause ear pain such as infection, trauma or injury or even foreign body. The list below are the common causes of ear pain:

  1. Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear) – A condition that affects the outer or external ear canal. This is usually commonly termed as “swimmer’s ear” as repetitive exposure of the ear canal to moisture makes it more susceptible to infection or inflammation.
  2. Otitis Media – This is the condition where the infection is in the middle ear. It is often a result of common colds, coughs, or any upper respiratory tract infection.
  3. Otitis Interna – This is the condition where the infection occurs in the inner ear. Usual symptoms include a ringing or buzzing sounds heard in the ear or dizziness.
  4. Changes in Pressure – We usually feel this when riding an airplane especially upon taking off or landing.
  5. Ear Wax – The buildup of earwax over time can sometimes present with ear pain associated with a decrease in hearing as well.
  6. Foreign Body – Due to children’s curiosity, they tend to place and lodge objects such as foam, pebbles, and the like in their ears. As such, pain, a decrease and in hearing can be felt or at times, foul-smelling discharge.

Other Causes of Ear Pain

Aside from the list above, here are some other causes of ear pain:

  •       Problems with your jaw such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  •       Infection of your teeth
  •       Perforated Eardrum
  •       Infection coming from areas near the ear like tonsillopharyngitis or sinusitis.

Treatment for Ear Pain

Ear pain does not usually cause some life threatening condition. Here are some home remedies to help you get relieved from it:

  1.     You may take over the counter pain relievers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen.
  2.     Place a cold compress on the affected ear to reduce and ease the pain.
  3.     Staying in an upright position to reduce pressure in the ears.
  4.     Avoid manipulation of the ear.
  5.     Chewing gum or yawning may relieve pressure and pain especially during an infection or changes in pressure such as when riding an airplane.
  6.     Intake or application of antibiotics prescribed by your physician.

When to see your doctor?

Seek professional advice if:

  •       Noted to have high grade fever.
  •       With severe pain.
  •       Experiencing other symptoms such as dizziness, inflammation of the affected area, facial paralysis or severe headache.
  •       Progressive decrease in hearing
  •       Persistence or progression of current symptoms within the first twenty four to forty eight hours.

Things to avoid if you have ear pain

Here are some things you need to refrain from doing if you experience it:

  •       Manipulating the affected ear.
  •       Application of any ear drops not unless prescribed by your attending doctor.
  •       Regular use of cotton buds.

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