The Benefits of Teleconsultation

“Overcoming Fear of the Doctor’s Office: How Teleconsultation Can Help”

Going to the doctor can be a daunting experience for many people, especially if you have a fear of needles, enclosed spaces, or just generally don’t like going to the doctor’s office. However, it’s important to prioritize your health and address any medical concerns you may have. One way to alleviate these fears is through teleconsultation, or virtual appointments with a healthcare provider.

Teleconsultation, also known as telemedicine or telehealth, allows you to have a virtual consultation with a healthcare provider over the phone or video call. This can be done from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to physically visit a doctor’s office or hospital.

There are numerous benefits to teleconsultation, including the convenience factor. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work or finding someone to take care of your children or pets while you go to an appointment. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with traffic or finding parking.

Teleconsultation can also be helpful for those who live in rural areas or who have mobility issues that make it difficult for them to physically visit a healthcare provider. With teleconsultation, you can receive quality medical care without having to travel long distances.

Another benefit of teleconsultation is that it can reduce the spread of infections. In a traditional in-person appointment, you may be exposed to germs from other patients. With teleconsultation, you can avoid this risk and reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

There are also financial benefits to teleconsultation. Virtual appointments are often more affordable than in-person visits, and some insurance plans cover telemedicine services. Additionally, teleconsultation can save you money on transportation and parking costs.

While teleconsultation may not be suitable for every medical situation, it can be a useful option for many common medical issues such as colds, flu, allergies, and minor injuries. It can also be used to follow up on chronic conditions or to refill prescriptions.

If you’re considering teleconsultation but are still feeling anxious, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Make sure you have a quiet, private space to take the call and have a list of questions or concerns ready to discuss with your healthcare provider. It can also be helpful to have a family member or friend present during the call for support.

In conclusion, teleconsultation can be a helpful option for those who have fears or anxieties about going to the doctor. It provides convenience, accessibility, and can reduce the risk of infection. While it may not be suitable for every medical situation, it is worth considering for common medical issues and follow-ups on chronic conditions. With proper preparation and support, teleconsultation can be a valuable tool for managing your health and addressing any medical concerns you may have.

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Meet Dr. Mea Ramos, Clinical Director of Eva Teleconsult. With a Doctor of Medicine and Master in Business Administration degrees from the Ateneo de Manila University, Dr. Ramos is a highly qualified physician who is also certified in Clinical Telemedicine from Harvard Medical School. She is a life-long learner and graduate of SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture program. As a mentor to medical students and doctors-in-training, Dr. Ramos is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through telemedicine, mental health, and holistic wellness.


At Eva Teleconsult, Dr. Ramos is known for providing personalized, high-quality care to patients of all ages, but particularly to women between the ages of 12 and 55. With a special interest in women’s health and a passion for helping her patients achieve optimal health, Dr. Ramos is the go-to physician for women in BGC, Makati, Alabang, and the expat community. Whether you’re seeking tele consultations, counseling, or home vaccination services, Dr. Ramos and the team at Eva Teleconsult are here to help you feel your best. Upgrade your healthcare experience with Dr. Ramos and Eva Teleconsult today.

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