Remember These Good Practices for Your Next Virtual Doctor Appointment

Whether you’re new to a virtual doctor appointment or just looking for ways to make the next one a little better, we list down some good practices that you could use to make the experience the best one.

Since the onset of the pandemic, most people relied on online doctor appointments because of risky face-to-face consultations. According to McKinsey & Company, the use of medical appointments online or by phone has increased 38x from the pre-COVID baseline. At present, they are still gaining a steady rise in usage and are still being preferred by most people with the convenience, accessibility, and safety it offers. 

Here are some good practices to make sure your medical appointment online will be a good experience both for you and your doctor:

Write down all your concerns

Before logging in to that online doctor appointment, make sure you have already written down all the important information you will consult with your healthcare provider. You do not want to waste each other’s time by doing an impromptu consultation. Here is some important info your doctor might need: 

Ready your gadgets

Before logging in to that virtual appointment, make sure your gadget—a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—is working fine. Charge it in full and keep the power line nearby. You might also want to use headphones or earbuds for better audio. Also, check if your microphone and camera are stable and functional. 

Also, ensure you have a reliable internet connection. However, if technical issues happen during your consultation like freezing screen or audio lags, stay calm and politely inform your doctor of your situation. 

It is also best if you have a backup connection on standby, like mobile data.

Choose a Good Spot

Medical appointments online usually require an open camera setting so you and your doctor can see eye to eye. To make this an efficient e-visit, choose a spot with good lighting, a quiet environment, and a private room. You do not want unnecessary noise or people joining in your doctor’s appointment. 

Do not be late!

Online consultations are usually time-bound as doctors are taking enough patients in a day, so make sure you are logged in to the designated virtual platform earlier than scheduled so you won’t be late! With this, you can make use of your limited time for an efficient consultation.

Be comfortable

While on the call, your doctor might want to check something on your skin or any area of your body, so it is better if you wear comfortable clothing so you can show them without hassle. Do not bother making yourself presentable in front of your doctor, just wear anything where you can move easily!

Stay focused and honest

Just like an in-person doctor appointment, treat your virtual doctor appointment as a priority. Avoid doing other tasks like eating or drinking while you are logged in so you can fully focus on the consultation. 

Most importantly, be truthful with everything you are going to consult. Do not hesitate to ask your physician anything that concerns you so they can give you the right course of treatment. Remember that virtual appointments can only be effective if you remain honest. 

Do not be shy about disclosing your conditions virtually. Telehealth providers ensure your privacy during online consultations, so do not worry!

Take notes

Keep close tabs on any doctor’s instructions and advice so you won’t forget them. The doctor will also give you prescriptions during the online appointment, so try to record them as well. 

If you are having a hard time taking notes while consulting, ask for a recap towards the end from your doctor if you want to make sure you understand everything all right.

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