Nearly 93% of doctors believe that a good doctor-patient relationship is essential

Chances are at least once in your life, you’ve encountered a doctor whom you just don’t seem to connect with – may it be because you don’t feel heard or secure, or maybe the connection just isn’t there to begin with.  

Now, think about how that experience made you feel. Was it healing or was it merely curing

To be cured is to have disease eliminated or controlled from one’s body, while healing on the other hand, goes beyond the physiological. Healing pertains to wholeness; it’s the personal and subjective experience of a person to transcending suffering. This is where a good doctor-patient relationship comes into play. 

A good doctor-patient relationship is often viewed as a premium rather than a necessity when it comes to health care. However, this actually shouldn’t be the case. A good doctor-patient relationship is the single most important hallmark of quality care and according to the Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences, 92.45% of doctors believe that a good doctor-patient relationship is a big contributor to better patient outcomes. 

Effective communication between the patient and their physician provides a greater understanding on both ends – the doctor understands the patient’s needs and concerns better, while the patient understands their health problem/s, along with the possible course of treatment/s available.

Through this, the whole treatment becomes collaborative. Equipped with the proper information, the patient becomes involved in the decision-making process in how to proceed with their care, making it more likely for the patient to follow their treatment plan, thus producing increased patient satisfaction and better health outcomes

A good doctor-patient relationship creates a treatment that is healing. It doesn’t simply diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. Instead, it takes a step further by alleviating the patient’s pain holistically – it heals the person, rather than just their disease. 

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