Our Patients Share Why They Love EVA Teleconsult

At EVA Teleconsult, our patients will always come first when it comes to online consultation. We commit to giving them the care and attention that they need, to take control of their health and really feel that what we provide is Teleconsult with Love.

Here are some patient stories that truly show what we mean.

Queena loves same day bookings for online consultation

Our patient, Ms. Queena Dancis, has come to EVA Teleconsult several times already. She loves that she doesn’t have to wait for her consultations, and that she can make an appointment on the day that she needs it. Her words:

review of same day online consultation

Our patients know that they’ll never be treated like a number, and that their time will always be respected when they book a consultation with us. 

Joy and Mini like that they got a full 30-minute online consultation

We understand that getting a diagnosis right can take time, so we always give our patients a full 30 minutes to consult with their physicians.  Joy DeDios loves this about EVA Teleconsult, and had this to say:

joy on 30 minute online consultation

We make our patients feel like they matter to us, and they’re given every opportunity to ask their questions and get clear answers to their concerns. This allows them to make fully informed decisions about their health, something that’s very important to Mini Sandoval:

mini commenting on 30 minute consultation

Five-star ratings for online consultations from many happy patients

So many patients have seen the Teleconsult with Love difference, and have been so kind by providing feedback about their experience with us. Here’s what they’ve had to say:

five star review for online consultation one
five star review for online consultation two
five star review for online consultation three

More and more patients are feeling the Teleconsult with Love difference. Get the care you or your loved ones need today. Contact us to learn more.

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