Make the Most Out of Your Virtual Doctors Appointment

New to virtual healthcare? We’ve listed down seven tips to help you maximize your next online consultation

With the emergence of telemedicine, the healthcare industry achieved one of the most significant innovations in medicine in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though despite the fact that telemedicine has been around for years, the demand for telemedicine services skyrocketed when the global pandemic made in-person care potentially dangerous or downright difficult. 

Now, even after things slowly get back to normal, more and more people are converting to virtual doctor appointments over traditional in-person care because of the overall convenience it provides – it is accessible, safer, and just as effective. 

Here are 7 tips to help you make the most out of your online medical appointment.

Before your virtual doctor appointment

1. Assess your tech

First things first, make sure you have the technology you need for your online doctor appointment.  
To assess your tech, we’ve made a simple checklist for you below. 

  • Have a working device (could be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) 
  • Check if you have a stable internet connection 
  • Download the application needed for your consultation (ex: Zoom, Chrome, service’s app) 
  • Test out the application if it’s all working smoothly 
  • Check your audio and video quality.

Following this simple checklist will help you avoid technical difficulties and having to troubleshoot your tech during your consultation. This will also help you become more familiar with navigating the platform you’ll be using for your virtual appointment. 

2. List down your symptoms and medications

Same as with any in-person consultation, you need to prepare as much information about your health for your doctor to assess your condition properly – and with virtual healthcare, this is particularly important. 

Since your consultation is taking place over the phone or through video, your doctor can’t take your vitals or do a physical exam on your person. So, try your best to prepare as much detail about your condition as possible. If you’re coming in to consult about a rash, take a photo of it, or if you have the flu, take note of your temperature. 

If you’re taking any medications, don’t forget to list them down too. Your doctor needs to know what you’re taking; may it be a supplement, a prescription, or even just a home remedy. This prevents your doctor from prescribing you anything that could negatively interact with current meds. 

Having everything written down before your consultation will save you from wasting valuable time during your appointment just trying to pin down your symptoms. It also helps your doctor paint a better picture of your condition and figure out the right course of treatment for you. 

3. Keep your medical records on hand

If you’ve recently had labs and studies done, keep them on hand in case your doctor might need any of your reports. Make sure to prepare your medical records as well, especially if you’ve recently undergone surgery or have a chronic health condition. 

Preparing these documents and having them on hand for your consultation could save you time and money from having to repeat unnecessary tests. 

During your virtual doctor appointment

4. Don't be late

Of course, to make the most out of your appointment, you need to maximize the duration of the consult – and that starts with being on time.  

At Eva Teleconsult, we recommend our patients join the virtual meeting at least 5 minutes before their appointment. This gives them time to physically and mentally prepare for their consultation, which will be helpful in digesting the medical information they’ll be getting during their consult. 

5. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Some people tend to multitask during their virtual consultations because of how convenient it is. But, to make the most out of your doctor appointment, focus on your consult – don’t drive, eat, or work while talking to your doctor. 

During your appointment, make sure to avoid any distractions that can cause you to split your focus. Give utmost attention to your doctor to make sure that you’re hearing and understanding everything. 

6. Remember that it's not perfect.

Telemedicine is still fairly new. There is still some room for improvement and in time, who knows, maybe doctors can even check your vitals remotely. But for now, you may experience some possible troubleshooting or maybe a bad connection that could interrupt your session.  

Keep an open mind about the technology and understand that your doctors are trying their best to give you the care you need, as they would during an in-person consultation. So, be patient and remember that just like any other doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital, it’s not perfect. 

After your virtual doctor appointment

7. Ask for a recap

At the end of your appointment, ask your doctor for a summary of your session. Get a recap of what you’ve discussed during your consultation and make sure that everything is crystal clear. 

Having a summary of your appointment will help you understand your course of treatment better and also clarify vital details from your consult. This also gives you time to assess whether you have any other questions about your care.  

Consulting a doctor online (through a telemedicine service) is not as hard as some people may think – it’s actually fairly simple, and with the right tips and tricks, and the proper know-how, anyone can take full advantage of this convenient alternative to in-person care. 

Full disclosure though, just as you would pick the right hospital suited for you and your needs, the same goes for virtual healthcare. Before booking a consultation with any telemedicine service, make sure to read up on your options and check their customer reviews.  

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