How much does an online consultation cost?

Let’s admit it, doctor fees are unavoidable when getting healthcare services, and sometimes, they can cost high. And with the popularity of online consultation these days, you may be wondering, how much does an online consultation cost? How much does it differ from the physical consultation? Let’s find out. 

Online Consultation: Bringing Healthcare Services to your fingertips

Getting healthcare advice and services can now be done online, thanks to the immense development in information and communication technologies. 

With smartphones and laptops at hand that allow real-time communication accompanied by audio and visuals, your trusted physicians and therapists have become more conveniently within your reach. 

Online consultation facilitates fast and immediate communication between you and your physician and therapist.

And with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online consultation is becoming more popular and recommended than ever, as it reduces physical contact and your risk of getting sick. 

Aside from this, getting your healthcare needs via online consultation gives you the following advantages. 

No need to wait in long queues

Most of us have probably experienced endless boredom and stress while falling in long lines at hospitals and clinics. With online consultations, your doctor will see you exactly on your selected date and time. Payments, prescriptions, and release of laboratory results are done online too. 

Consult with your doctor anywhere you are

Since everything is done online, you don’t really need to exert the extra effort of getting dressed and going physically to your doctor. Get the healthcare service you need at home or wherever you have a reliable internet connection. 

Select the doctors and schedule you prefer

Have you ever experienced that after going to the clinic for your consultation, the specialist you prefer and who is more appropriate to the nature of your health concerns is not available? And you end up being checked by other doctors you don’t really know or prefer? 

Well, most of the time we settle for the ones who are available because we don’t want our efforts and time to go to waste. Yes, they are still doctors who are qualified, but of course, we all have our preferences especially when it comes to our health. And that’s okay. 

Lucky for you, an online consultation will offer you more flexibility you need. You can check and select the doctors you prefer, regardless if s/he is near to you. Located in Manila but the doctor you preferred is based in Cebu? No problem. 

Plus, you can select the time and date you prefer. Many doctors in online consultation are available during weekends and public holidays and beyond the usual hours of operation of clinics. 

You can also check doctor fees and select which one is covered by your insurance or within your capability. 

Dedicated and undivided service only to you

Once scheduled, 30-minutes consultation with your doctor is allotted and dedicated to you. Your doctor’s full attention will ensure that all your concerns concerning your health are heard and addressed. There is no rush. 

Online consultation gives you a comfortable and convenient experience without sacrificing the quality of healthcare service you’ll receive. 

Online consultations may not be the best for emergency and life-threatening medical situations which should be taken directly to emergency rooms. 

But still, here are a lot of healthcare that you can get through this option such as: 

  • General health care (wellness check-up)
  • Advice for non-emergency cases like common rashes, colds, coughs, and stomach aches
  • Booking of laboratory tests which results are now can be released through email
  • Medication prescription
  • Counseling (nutrition and diet, mental health therapy) 
  • Dermatological concerns

How much does it cost?

Doctors’ fees in online consultation usually range from Php 250.00 to Php 1000.00. 

It’s almost the same as physical consultations, but it comes along with the useful advantages discussed above and except the hassles and stress of conventional consultations. 


Looking for a digital clinic that will give you a comfortable, convenient, and quality healthcare service that is affordable? Then Eva Teleconsult is here for you!


While many clinics are providing online consultations and counseling here in the Philippines utmost and dedicated medical attention and service are assured with Eva Teleconsult. 


You can get the following healthcare service in the following specializations with Eva Teleconsult:

  • Primary Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Dental Medicine and Orthodontics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatric. 

EVA guarantees a 30-minute consultation with our expert licensed physicians and therapists. Unlike face-to-face consultations where you lined up and wait for your doctor, only to be attended to for an average of 7 minutes.

EVA offers a longer time to comprehensively assess a patient’s condition and ensure that they feel comfortable and cared for.

You can easily access your prescriptions and medical records through Eva Teleconsult record system.  EVA also ensures that all your personal information is secured and that Eva Teleconsult adheres to the Data and Privacy Act of the Philippines. 

You can achieve the care that you deserve at your fingertips. To learn more about our Eva Teleconsult, click this link


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