Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases: Early Warning Signs and Treatment

Pelvic inflammatory disease affects 4.4% of sexually active women of reproductive age. Learn more about PID here.

Cervical Cancer: Early Warning Signs & How to Get Treatment

Cervical cancer is the 2nd leading cancer site among women in the Philippines. Learn when to get help here.

Screening for Silent killers: Dealing with Hypertension

When dealing with Hypertension, addressing certain lifestyle factors aids in reducing average blood pressure. Read on and learn more.

How much does an online consultation cost?

And with the popularity of online consultation these days, you may be wondering, how much does an online consultation cost? How much does it differ from the physical consultation? Let’s find out.

Why it’s Crucial to be Proactive For Your Family’s Health

Online consultations have spiked due to the demand for better care. Now more than ever, the need for more modern and convenient medical attention has exposed gaping holes in the health care system.

Medical Care Without Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Do

Many of us do not encounter troubles dealing with medical payments because of health insurance. Most health insurance covers a decent amount of your medical expenses that might arise due to an illness.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Join or Beat the Trend? 

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) having its spiraling upward trend, is becoming a public health concern, especially in the period of a pandemic where obesity cases really climbed up according to online doctors.

Get Tips online consultation about building healthy habits

Working from home is beneficial for avoiding exposure to COVID 19, but how can we sure we still have our healthy habits? Here are some tips on building healthy habits to make you feel better and increase productivity as you work from home.

Tips On Mental Health 

Taking care of oneself is a lifelong process and is not an easy thing to do. By following these simple tips from medical doctors, slowly but surely, it can help you bounce back up and feel a lot better.

Consult Online on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all want that 8 hour-beauty sleep per day. But sometimes, there are those nights when you either have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or wake up too early and are not able to get back to sleep again.