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Had a sedentary lifestyle, gained a few pounds, clothes became tight, Shopee account became platinum, had Food Panda Pro, – these are some of the phrases that we hear since the pandemic and people started working from home.  

Working from home is beneficial for avoiding exposure to COVID 19, saves daily commuting time, and has given more flexible working hours for employees. However, staying at home also created challenges to one’s physical and mental health. A 2020 study done by Xiao, on the impacts of working from home during a pandemic reported a decline in the overall physical and mental health status of the participants. Approximately two-thirds (64.8%) of the respondents reported new physical health issues and three-fourths (73.6%) of the participants reported new mental health issues arising since WFH. 

Adjusting to new normal may be difficult, it could be a perfect fit for one person as it could also be a disaster for others. Here are some tips on building healthy habits to make you feel better and increase productivity as you work from home 

Establish a routine

The routine can be having a hearty breakfast, sipping your coffee, or having a nice shower. Having routine jumpstarts your day and gives a smooth transition from private and work life. A hearty breakfast is very important. A study done by Ferrer in 2018 revealed that whether breakfast is eaten or skipped, the quality of breakfast has an impact on Health-related quality of life, stress, and Depression. 


You can try some simple stretching exercises or be brave enough to try High Intensity Interval Training. More than keeping you physically fit, exercise is also good for mental health. Physicians in Great Britain have referred patients with depression to exercise specialists while Australian primary care physicians have referred patients with depression and anxiety to dietitians and exercise scientists. 

Set up your workspace

More than the Aesthetics, Ergonomics must also be considered for a conducive workspace. Try to invest in ergonomic furniture. A study conducted by Mehrparvar in 2014 reported a significant reduction in musculoskeletal complaints on the neck, hand, wrist, and back, one month after ergonomic modification. You can invest in a good swivel chair and ergonomic table to help lessen muscle fatigue and increase productivity. 

Schedule breaks and Learn to rest

Never forget to make schedule and strictly follow your breaks. Working at home sometimes makes you work and think non-stop, but just like working on-site, follow the office hours and learn to set boundaries between personal life and work. According to Dr Janet Scarborough Civitelli, a workplace psychologist, marginal returns are reduced when the brain is required to exert continuous pressure during an eight-hour shift. After a break, employees are refreshed, leading to fewer errors, thus tasks are completed more accurately. During Rest days, disconnect from your work. Watch your favorite Kdrama, explore Shopee live, you may also check out all the products on your cart, or you may do nothing as enjoy your favorite glass of wine.  

Have a wellness check up

Due to fear of possible exposure to COVID 19 in hospitals and clinics, patients have not done wellness check-ups. People consult a doctor due to a health concern, for a prescription refill, or for the issuance of a medical certificate.

But, it’s also very important to see a doctor for a regular wellness check-up for primary prevention, screening tests, identification of risk factors for lifestyle diseases, Immunization, and health counseling.

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